Tumor Immunology
& Cancer Stem Cells

Group Ochsenbein

Research Focus

Our research unit examines the interaction of immune cells and leukemia and cancer cells. The main research focus is to analyze so-called cancer/leukemia stem cells. These cells are the origin of the disease and are responsible for relapse after successful chemotherapy. The aim of our research is to develop improved immunotherapies for different types of cancer. The studies are performed in pre-clinical mouse models and using primary patient material and humanized mouse models. Therefore, our studies generate broad understanding of translational research from animal studies to clinical application.


Prof. Adrian Ochsenbein, MD
Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, University of Bern
Department of Medical Oncology
Department of BioMedical Research
Tumor Immunology
Murtenstrasse 35
3008 Bern